About us

We love FX and we love what we do!

The VFX Academy is an academy created with the goal of training both students and professionals who want to specialize in FX.

It was founded by a couple of FX professionals that identified the need to expand educational opportunities of the FX industry across Nigeria. Our objective is to give every person, regardless of their circumstances, the opportunity to study in the VFX industry. Our courses are perfect for students who desire an avant-garde, flexible FX program. Our experienced instructors and staff really care about the success of our students!

We develop a practical, quality and cutting-edge training to encourage our student’s talent and creativity. The training contents have been built on the basis of new technologies and new communicative approaches, capable to reach international audiences.

Our educational philosophy is based on a simple and enjoyable teaching system that provide students with the knowledge and skills to create their professional Demo Real.