Visual Effects

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VFX Academy’s Visual Effects courses are designed to create ready professionals for the VFX industry. Students learn to create sophisticated visual effects with in-depth instruction in select software popularly used in the industry.

A unique feature of this course is the dual certification that students receive when they complete it. The VFX pro course in the world’s leading compositing package, The Foundry’s Nuke, has been designed in collaboration with world leaders in online VFX education training, fxphd. Upon completion of the course, students received certification from fxphd as well as FX School.


Module 1 : Foundation

Duration : 3 Months

The Foundation module in VFX focuses on giving you a strong base upon which you will build and enhance your skills as you move on to more sophisticated software and techniques later in the course. You will learn key concepts, tools and techniques, including an introduction to After Effects.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Matte Painting and the Role of Matte Painting in Visual Effects
  • Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop tools
  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Animation in After Effects


Module 2 : Specialization

Duration : 3 Months

This module focuses on teaching fundamental Compositing techniques as well as Motion Graphics, using After Effects.

Course Outline

  • Chroma Keying & Compositing Fundamentals
  • 2D Motion Tracking
  • Rotoscoping
  • Basic 3D Match-moving
  • Motion Graphics:
    • Title Animation
    • Live Footage & Motion Design integration
    • Integrating 3D and 2D elements in After Effects


Module 3 : Professional

Duration : 3 Months

In this module, the objective is to help you develop advanced compositing skills in After Effects and give you an overview of The Foundry’s Nuke, a leading compositing software used widely in the industry.

Course Outline

  • Clean-up
  • Advanced 3D tracking
  • Planar Tracking in Mocha
  • 4-Point and Offset Tracking in After Effects
  • Introduction to Compositing CG passes
  • Camera Projection in After Effects
  • Nuke:
    • Introduction to the Nuke Interface
    • The Merge Node
    • Rotoscoping
    • Introduction to Chroma Keying
    • Introduction to 2D Motion Tracking
    • The 3D Space and the Interface
    • Introduction to CG Pass Compositing
    • Time Controls